Transitioning from ISN to Spectora

Ready to switch your back office over to Spectora?

Our Training Center can help you with setting up your automated emails/texts, getting payment configured, and getting your Inspection Agreements in place.

If you’ve been with ISN for a while, you probably have a ton of data you don’t want to lose.  We’ve made a data import script to move all your historical inspection data over to our platform.  You’ll be able to maintain your agent contact lists, client lists, and inspection records.  Our Business Metrics section will reflect all your past data, so you can always view the continuous history of your business. Continue reading “Transitioning from ISN to Spectora”

Map ISN Order Types to Templates

ISN users now have even more flexibility with using Spectora!  When integrating with ISN, you can now map your ISN order types to specific templates in Spectora.  You can also choose not to import certain order types.

This allows you to have the right templates ready-to-go for your inspections every day.  You also can keep your interface clean by not importing inspection reports you don’t use Spectora for.  Here’s how to set it up:

Continue reading “Map ISN Order Types to Templates”