A better way to report bugs and request features

We’re growing fast and with that comes more input from our users.  We love it!  Thank you all for contributing your ideas to help us improve the Spectora platform.

Being a small team, the sheer volume of emails, Facebook messages, and calls we’ve been getting the past couple months has been overwhelming.  We’ve come up with a few processes to manage it all and we need your help to make it happen. We’ll be rolling out in-app chat soon to consolidate communication and we’ve created a single channel for reporting bugs and requesting features!

Roadmap and Ideas Board

The goal here is to make it easier for you, as users, to be heard by us.  We also hope it helps us make sense of all the incoming data so we can take the best actions possible.  Here’s how it works: Continue reading “A better way to report bugs and request features”

New Online Scheduler

We’re excited to announce the release of our brand new Online Scheduling Tools!

Spectora online scheduler with cost calculator, availability checking, and home data lookup

Now your clients and agents can book a complete inspection in an embeddable scheduling widget, complete with accurate pricing and availability!  Here’s a rundown of the features:

  • Setup your various services, each with cost formulas based on the square footage and the age of home
  • Associate templates and agreements with each service type
  • Set up your availability schedule with options for time slots or open scheduling
  • Disallow bookings within the next X hours
  • Create vacation days, appointments, and time-off blocks in your calendar
  • Custom confirmation options
  • Optional emails & texts when booking are in-progress and complete
  • Automatic Google Address and Zillow lookup for exact addresses and square footage/year built info when available

Start the new year off with a complete scheduling system that integrates directly with your report writing software!  Read on for setup instructions: Continue reading “New Online Scheduler”

Transitioning from ISN to Spectora

Ready to switch your back office over to Spectora?

Our Training Center can help you with setting up your automated emails/texts, getting payment configured, and getting your Inspection Agreements in place.

If you’ve been with ISN for a while, you probably have a ton of data you don’t want to lose.  We’ve made a data import script to move all your historical inspection data over to our platform.  You’ll be able to maintain your agent contact lists, client lists, and inspection records.  Our Business Metrics section will reflect all your past data, so you can always view the continuous history of your business. Continue reading “Transitioning from ISN to Spectora”

Map ISN Order Types to Templates

ISN users now have even more flexibility with using Spectora!  When integrating with ISN, you can now map your ISN order types to specific templates in Spectora.  You can also choose not to import certain order types.

This allows you to have the right templates ready-to-go for your inspections every day.  You also can keep your interface clean by not importing inspection reports you don’t use Spectora for.  Here’s how to set it up:

Continue reading “Map ISN Order Types to Templates”

Team inspections

We’ve just released the ability to add multiple inspectors to a single inspection. This is great for multi-inspector companies that pair up on jobs or take the team approach on large buildings.  Upon saving to cloud all of the inspectors’ data will merge together, allowing for faster workflows and efficient teamwork.

When scheduling a new inspection, simply select 1 or more inspectors:

Continue reading “Team inspections”

Show off your Spectora report

We’ve been hearing GREAT feedback from agents on Spectora reports:

“Dude… I love this.  Way better and best I’ve seen so far.  Big pictures like that are huge to me.”

“This is the best report layout I’ve seen.”

“I absolutely love the report and the software.”

Because your report is your product and one of your biggest selling points, we’ve made it easier for you to generate a sample report from your best inspection.  Use it to promote yourself to new agents!

Continue reading “Show off your Spectora report”

No more logins for clients and agents

We’re listening to your feedback!

The past week we’ve built several user-requested features that we’re rolling out to our platform today:

Login-free flow for client & agent

Spectora is now even easier to use for clients and agents! We have removed the need for buyer and agent to login.  We’ve replaced the agent and buyer dashboards with the new Inspection Page, the hub for all the people, activities and documents related to an inspection.

Continue reading “No more logins for clients and agents”


Welcome to the tech blog!  We will use it to:

  • Announce new features as we release them
  • Discuss our development roadmap
  • Take polls on most-wanted features
  • Make general company announcements

We’d love for you to be a part of the process!