Line Item Fees and Automatic Invoices

Today we’re excited to announce line item fees, allowing you to reflect different services, up-sell additional services on-site and do re-inspections easier.  We’ve also added auto-generated invoices to save you even more time.

Line item fees

When scheduling an inspection, you can now create line items for all your fees:

Line Item Fees

Note that you can apply discounts with negative values.

We save all your entries for quick dropdown selection.  You can set the default initial value in Settings->Booking:


Add fees to an existing inspection

When viewing inspection details, you can add/remove fees by clicking ‘Edit’ in the Fees & Payments area:

Add fees

Great for re-inspections!  After adding a new fee the inspection “Paid” flag will un-check automatically.

Automated email notifier

In Automation->Inspection Agreements & Fees, you now have a new option for sending clients an email when a new fee is added to an inspection:

Automated email when fee is added

Include a link to help your client pay:


Easy invoices

We’ve also added auto-generating invoices.  From the inspector view simply click ‘View Invoice’:

Clients can access the invoice from a couple spots:

Invoices for Clients

Here’s how the invoice looks:

Once paid, they include a “Paid” stamp with payment details:

If you add an additional fee after receiving payment (for example, a re-inspection fee) they will see an updated invoice like reflecting a Balance Due:

Previous inspections

Inspections that you have completed prior to this new feature will be updated to reflect a single fee label “Inspection Fee” for the amount of the inspection.  The paid/unpaid flag will remain unchanged.  This makes it easy to go into past inspections and add re-inspection fees or to print invoices.


We hope this feature gives you even more flexibility in your business. Let us know what you think!


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