Flag for Later, Desktop Progress Indicators, Mobile Upgrades and more!

You’ve been asking for better ways to be confident you haven’t left anything out of an inspection.  Especially if you run a multi-inspector company, you want to be sure your guys don’t forget something.  We’ve released some tools to help!

Flag for Later

Any of these ever happen to you?

  • You’re lying across ceiling joists and fiberglass insulation in a cramped 130-degree attic and you don’t exactly feel like typing out a comment – but you’re worried you’ll forget if you don’t do it now
  • You run into something you need to research more about and so you can add the details later
  • You take some photos on another device and want to be sure to import them into Spectora

Our solution: Flag for Later!









You simply tap the Flag button and it will be marked in orange.  The parent item and section will be flagged as well so you can easily find it later.

It will even carry over to the web version in case you have comments to finish up at home:

We’ve had numerous requests for this one – we hope it helps you deliver better reports!

Desktop Progress Indicators

We’ve always had progress indicators on the mobile app to help you see report progress/completion in the field.  We’ve added the same progress indicators to our web platform:

Once you complete all informational comments in an “Inspected” item it will mark as complete.  “Not Inspected” and “Not Present” items also show as complete once visited.  Once all the items of a section are completed, the section will mark as complete as well.

Hopefully this helps you efficiently move between mobile and web platforms, as well as ensures you haven’t missed anything!

If you wish, you can force reports to be complete before they are published:

Trying to publish an incomplete report will show a reminder to complete the report first.  This is great for multi-inspector companies wanting to ensure their guys are covering it all.

Mobile Updates

In addition to the Flag for Later feature, we’ve also add a few other things to our mobile app:

Gallery Camera

We’ve heard from many of you that you take additional photos for liability protection that aren’t part of the report.  We’ve added a way to save photos directly to your photo gallery/album within the app so you no longer have to switch back-and-forth with the native camera app.

To enable it, go to Settings:

After that, you’ll see an additional button in the footer while navigating an inspection:

Photos go directly to your inspection album!  From there, you can back these up to your hard drive, to Google Photos, or any other backup system you have in place.

Minor changes

  • Faster dashboard loading – no more need to connect to the server on every visit (you can always swipe down to get the latest inspections from the server)
  • Add deleted sections back in – if you accidentally delete a section, you’ll see it in the “Add Optional Sections” list


We’re continuing to build your most-requested features.  Next up: A no-connection-needed Deficiencies Summary on the app to help you walk your client through your findings.  If you have input on this, drop me an email today at michael@spectora.com.

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