iCal Integration and Custom Calendar Text

Third-party calendar applications can help you coordinate your business.  Now you have even more flexibility to do so with Spectora!  We have added iCal integration and custom calendar text for all our calendar integrations.

iCal Integration (Beta)

iCal is a universal data format for sharing calendar information between applications.  Spectora now offers an iCal feed of your inspections so you can sync with any calendar app of your choice, such as Apple’s Calendar app, your iCloud calendar, or Microsoft Outlook.

To get your iCal feed URL, first enable it in Settings->(User Settings)->Integrations then click “Get iCal URL”:

Spectora iCal feed


Copy and paste the URL into your app of choice.  Your app will ping our servers for your latest inspection schedule periodically – be sure to configure the refresh rate to your preference (i.e. every hour or every 15 minutes.)

We include all future inspections in your feed, as well as inspections from the past two weeks.

If you prefer to use Google Calendar, we recommend continuing to use our Google Calendar integration as Google does not allow custom refresh rates, which results in your calendar only updating twice a day.

NOTE: This feature is currently in beta.  Try it out and let us know how it goes!

Custom Calendar Text

Every business has their unique processes to maximize efficiency.  Spectora now lets you configure exactly what gets sent with your calendar integrations, allowing you the flexibility to do what works for you.

Click on the “Custom Calendar Text” button in Settings->(User Settings)->Integrations:

Spectora calendar integration

You’ll then be able to set the title and text for your calendar integration.  We automatically include the address of the inspection for the “location” field, as well as the Inspection Details URL if the calendar app accepts the URL parameter.

This customization applies to both iCal and Google Calendar integrations.

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