Infrastructure and quality improvements

We’ve been working hard to continue improving Spectora!  While not as fun to announce as cranking out new features, the infrastructure upgrades and quality improvements we’re doing this month are making Spectora a more stable and performant platform.

Infrastructure Improvements

Our user base is growing fast and we have Spectora software users in five countries now as well as all over the United States!  We’ve added a content delivery network (CDN) which caches application files and report images/videos in geographically distributed servers around the world.  What this means is your clients and agents will load reports faster and you’ll notice speed improvements when using Spectora.

We’ve also added a scalable server infrastructure that brings more servers online as traffic increases, which also leads to a faster response during peak hours.

For our international users using Stripe for payment, we’ve added support for Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and New Zealand Dollars.  If you’re in another country and want your currency supported let us know!

Code refactoring

We’ve circled back and rewritten code for key parts of our mobile app.

  • Logging in is much faster
  • The import/export features are now faster and more stable
  • The “Save to Cloud” function now automatically retries failed photo uploads for you, which is useful when you’re on moving between cell towers and/or dropping connection sporadically
  • The Client Summary page internals have been reworked to improve stability
  • We’ve changed how our database stores inspection data to reduce communication issues between the server and your mobile devices

What this all means is faster and more stable mobile app performance!

Bug fixes

Software is complex, with infinite combinations of devices, specs, operating systems, and environments.  There are always edge cases where a particular device or setup is experiencing issues while the majority is not.  We know how frustrating that can be!  We’re spending time addressing these bugs and will continue to improve stability for all of our users.

Are you experiencing an issue with Spectora?  Let us know and we’ll add it to our fix-it list.

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