Mobile App Time Savers

We’ve added even more time-saving features to our mobile app!  Summary quick editing and a ‘Next’ button to advance sections/items make report writing with Spectora faster than ever.

Proofread and update comments

Quick Edit

When viewing the report summary, you can now quickly jump into a comment for edits by tapping the arrow:

Edit while proofreading

Use this feature for final touch-ups while proofreading on-site!

Next Section

While you’re in any section, you can tap this button to advance to the next section:

Advance sections

 Next Item

If you’re viewing an item, the ‘Next’ button will take you to the next item in that section:

Advance Item

If you’re in the last item for that section, the button will be a “>>” to indicate that it will take you to the first item of the next section:


We hope these features will save you even more time while inspecting!


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