Mobile App v2: Faster Inspections

We’re excited to announce a new version of the mobile app!

We’ve revamped the internal workings to speed up performance.  We also added tons of features that will speed up your inspection times!

Demo of new features

* You must download this update from the App Store / Play Store.  It is recommended that you delete the old version first.

Here are the highlights:

Faster everything

The app preloads sections and items, so you’ll see less loading spinners throughout.  We’re storing images in a more efficient format, resulting in ~33% faster image saving and upload times.


Go directly into the photo annotator after snapping a photo.  Save yourself some taps! Find this option in Settings:

Easier shape gestures

One-fingered gestures to draw shapes!  Just touch-and-drag from start to stop of the arrow and you’re done.  You can tap the shape controls on the bottom-left for different shapes. Since the arrow is the most common shape, it’s ready-to-go for you when you enter the annotator.

Rapid shapes

After adding one shape, you’ll be automatically ready to add another.  Hit the trash can if you misplaced it – the last shape is removed and you’re ready to try again.

Smart shape default colors

Informational items’ shapes will be green, deficiencies orange, and safety hazards red.  This makes the shapes match up with the colors of the headings in the actual report, offering greater consistency and visual appeal.

Save as default template text

You can now update your default template text from the mobile app!  We know you’re constantly refining your language to describe deficiencies – now you can keep your template updated from the field.  Just tap “Save as default template text”.  When you save your inspection to the cloud, your template will update with your latest name, text, and recommendation.

Add different answer formats to your template

Our mobile app now has the same features as the web platform when it comes to adding new comments to your template.  Instead of only checkbox-style comments, you can now add multiple choice, number, date, text and range answer formats.  It’s never been easier to build your templates as you go, making them better with each inspection!

Albums for each inspection

All your photos from an inspection save to an album in your photo gallery for easier organization and backup.

Add multiple photos from your library

Adding photos from your photo library now supports selecting multiple photos.

Stay-awake uploads

When you save to the cloud your device won’t go to sleep mode.  Breathe easy knowing you can walk away while all your data uploads.

Bug fixes and better  error messages

We’ve patched up several bugs related to import/export.  We’ve also added better error messages and direct error reporting, so we’ll know you’ve encountered a problem as soon as you do.


We hope these features add up to huge time savings!  We’d love to hear how much faster your inspections go. Let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what else you’d like to see.

Big thanks go out to our beta testers for this release: Chris Bailey at SysCheck Home Inspection Services, Steve Coats at SDC Home Inspections, and Daylan Whitney at Sentry Inspecting.  We appreciate your time, feedback and suggestions – thank you!

Coming soon:  Multi-inspector support!  More integrations with 3rd-party services!   Stay tuned, it’s going to be an exciting summer.

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