New Marketing/SEO Plans

We’ve updated our SEO plans in response to your feedback!  We’ve added a plan, dropped a plan, and adjusted pricing on our existing plan.  (Not to worry, current customers – just like our software, your price always stays the same even though you keep getting more features!)

We’ve added a new Agency Class marketing package for those of you that have asked for more  marketing services than our High Growth package offers.  For $499/mo (or $449/mo annually) we offer everything a full-service digital marketing agency would provide, including social media management, monthly newsletters, and multi-location optimization.  This is in addition to our standard SEO services like content creation, website optimization, link outreach, competitor analysis, citation submissions, and more.  A true hands-off approach to marketing!

Most marketing agencies charge much more for a comparable offering.  We can charge less for a couple reason.  First, we’re focused on only one industry: home inspection.  We don’t need to learn about your industry like a general marketing agency would.  Second, we’re invested in the success of our inspectors.  We want to see you have long careers, hopefully using our software and websites in the process!

We’ve also learned that our previous Pro Package wasn’t working well.  The Pro Package allowed us to offer guidance and recommendations on what DIY-minded inspectors could do to improve SEO.  However, very few inspectors were interested in it.  Those that were often couldn’t find the time to implement our recommendations, which made them feel even more behind.  We’ve decided to avoid this and drop our Pro package from the SEO offerings.

Lastly, we’ve bumped up our High Growth Package to $299/mo ($249/mo annually).  This reflects our on-going evaluation of what it takes to get the results you’re after.  We’ve also added an extra content piece per month to this package, which current subscribers get for free.

We always appreciate your feedback – keep letting us know how we can best serve you and your business!


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