PDF Improvements

We’ve made several improvements to our report PDFs based on feedback and suggestions from our subscribers!  PDFs are now shorter, cleaner, and better looking.

Smaller Fonts & Cleaner Layout

We’ve come to realize that there are still lots of agents and clients that print these things out.  We’ve shrunk our font by 2 points to reduce overall page length.

We’ve fixed some alignment issues, resulting in clean page gutters.  Page headers and footers have also been updated for a cleaner look, and headings within the report have been made over.

We’ve moved all the Standards of Practice to the end of the report – you’re still covered legally, but they’re now out-of-the-way to make the report cleaner.

We’ve also moved the (optional) summary grid to a more appealing location at the top of a section instead of breaking up a section.

Spectora PDF home inspection report


Intelligent Photo Layout

If only one photo is included in a defect, it will display to the right of the defect text.  If multiple photos are included, photos will be displayed in a 3-column row.  This optimizes space in the report, also bringing down page length.Spectora PDF report

Less Whitespace

We’ve tweaked our algorithm for page breaking, resulting in less wasted space by allowing deficiencies to be broken up (though not photos.)Less whitespace in PDFs


Better Font Rendering

For those that view PDFs outside of modern web browsers, we’ve included more font rendering options in the PDF that include standard system fonts, ensuring crisp fonts wherever the PDF is viewed.

We’ve also darkened some of the lighter text to ease reading when looking at copies/faxes.


We hope these changes are helpful to you, your agents, and your clients!  Let us know what you think at info@spectora.com.

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