Same-Day Report Builds

Reports now get built from your template the morning of an inspection.  This means you’ll always have the latest template data in your reports every day!

Your new reports are a snapshot of your template from a particular moment in time.  Previously, we would stamp out your template into a new report the moment it was scheduled.  We’ve heard your feedback: this prevents changes you make in the field using our “Add to Template” features not show up for a few days, since you’re often scheduling inspections for several days out.  Clearly this was inefficient and possibly confusing.

Now when you schedule a new inspection, you’ll see the date and time the report is scheduled to build from your template (~3AM your time on the day of the inspection):

When you wake up and prepare for your day, you can download the reports into your mobile app confident that the template data reflects the latest changes you made.

Want to get started on a report earlier than that?  There is also the option to “Build Now” when you hover:

Let us know what you think about this change, as well as any other ways we can improve the process for you!

One thought on “Same-Day Report Builds

  1. This is sweet Guys,
    looking like the report for the day is the “latest-greatest”, even if it was built ahead of time then eh?

    This is FRESH!

    I highly approve.


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