Show off your Spectora report

We’ve been hearing GREAT feedback from agents on Spectora reports:

“Dude… I love this.  Way better and best I’ve seen so far.  Big pictures like that are huge to me.”

“This is the best report layout I’ve seen.”

“I absolutely love the report and the software.”

Because your report is your product and one of your biggest selling points, we’ve made it easier for you to generate a sample report from your best inspection.  Use it to promote yourself to new agents!

  1. Pick a report you’re proud of.  You’ll notice the new “Inspector Tools” dropdown (which is only visible to you, the inspector, when you’re logged in.)Generate a sample report

  2. Click “Make My Sample Report”.  This creates an anonymized version of the report, protecting your client’s and agent’s privacy while showing off your best work.Home Inspector Sample Report URL

  3. Use the URL on your website, Facebook page, email signature, and anywhere else you want to show it off!
    Inspector Sample Report

We also generate an anonymized PDF so your agents can see both formats.

If you ever choose another report as your sample report, the URL is the same so you won’t have to change it everywhere.  (The only exception to this is if you change your company name, since the URL is based off of your company name.)

If you make any changes to this report, be sure to click “Make My Sample Report” again to regenerate the PDF.  Note that these sometimes take a few minutes to update – just refresh after a while.

We hope this helps you earn more business from agents!

Let us know how it goes, and keep letting us know what we can do to help your business.

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