Social Links and the Inspection Communication Center

We’ve released new features this week to boost your business and help you manage inspection communication!  Read all about how to add social media links to your reports and manage your emails/texts per-inspection:

Social Media Links

Engage with clients and agents more by getting them to your social media pages:

Link Spectora to Social Media

We’ll add the icons for whichever links you fill out in Settings->Social Links:

Social Links

The links will also show up on your Spectora profile.  Let us know if you use a platform that we haven’t added yet!


Inspection Communication Center

Now it’s easy to see what automated emails and texts are being sent for an inspection.  In your Inspection Details page, just scroll down:

Spectora automated emails/texts

You can edit, delete, and resend any email or text right from here, making it even easier to control who sees what.  Just hover to see additional options.


We have tons more features coming soon to enhance your reports, help engage clients and agents, and boost your business!  If you’re not already a subscriber, you can get on-board at a discount during our limited one-time sale on annual memberships on October 1st.


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