Texas, the TREC PDF is here!

Texas, your wait is over. You can now use the best home inspection software on the market.

Today we’re excited to announce the TREC PDF format is now available!

Texas Real Estate Commission

Here’s how to use it:

1. Clone our TREC base template in the Template Editor

(If you’ve already been working on a template, contact us to get it switched over)

TREC format

2. Customize it

You should leave the main sections and items in-order to conform with Texas guidelines.

3. Use it

When scheduling inspections, select your TREC template:

Spectora TREC template

4. The rest is taken care of for you!

The “Full Report” PDF from the dropdown now links to a TREC-formatted PDF:

TREC PDF in Spectora

We automatically map the informational comments you provide in the “Information” section to the “Additional Information Provided by the Inspector”:

TREC Add'l Info

The rest of your sections and items get formatted in the TREC style:


Welcome to the Spectora family, Texas!


Feedback please!

While there’s not a lot of room for customization with TREC, we’re happy to play with what we’re able to.  Let us know your thoughts on how to improve it!


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