Video is here! Plus cost estimates, photo ordering, and more.


iOS and Android Video

We’re excited to announce the release of this highly requested feature, along with several other great improvements to both our mobile app and our web platform, including cost estimates, custom photo ordering, and photo galleries.

You must download the new mobile version from the App/Play Store. We recommend deleting your current version and installing fresh:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store



You can now take videos for any comment, as well as add existing videos from your device library:

On our web platform, you can drag in videos of any format just like you do with photos.  Our servers will briefly process the video, after which it will be ready for view.


Sortable Photos/Videos

You can now drag-and-drop photos and videos to put them in the order you want them to display in your report.  On the web, simply drag-and-drop:

drag and drop to sort photos

On mobile, a touch-and-drag motion will move them around:

More Reliable Export

We’ve totally reworked the “Save to Cloud” function that transfers your inspection data from your mobile device to Spectora servers.  It is now faster and more reliable, with automatic retries for photos/videos that snag.  Less time, less retries, less worries.

Cost Estimates

In some markets, cost estimates are standard for inspections.  Some of you work with investors that need cost estimates.  Our platform can now provide cost ranges!  First, enable this in Settings->Report Writing:

Re-login to mobile and you’ll now see a new “Estimate” button, which brings up an easy slider interface to set the min-max range of the estimate (up to $10,000):

The web platform allows for more fine-tuning of your estimates if necessary, allowing up to a “$100,000+” maximum estimate:

Cost estimates are displayed on the report like this:


Better Photo/Video Displaying

Adding a lot of photos/videos?  Now we have a photo gallery to showcase large quantities of photos:


We hope the ability to add videos, cost estimates, and custom-ordered media make your agents and clients love your report even more!  We’d love to hear the feedback you get from them – post client and agent quotes on our Facebook Spectora User Group and be registered to win a free month of software!

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