More inspection tools!

We’ve added several inspection tools to help you with online bookings, re-inspections, report attachments, and postponing inspections!

Online Scheduler: Add-Ons

Service Add-Ons are an upgrade for the new Online Scheduler we released January 1st.  These allow you to present additional services and options to your clients when they book online:

Online Scheduling Add-Ons

Set these up in your Settings->Services page.  Each service can has its own add-ons:

Scheduler add-ons

You can optionally add additional hours and charges, which appear as line items on the customer’s invoice.


Re-inspections: Copy a report

We’ve had numerous requests for report copying to give you a head start in re-inspecting a property.  Now you can make a duplicate of a report into another inspection!


Once a report is copied, it is completely disjointed from its source.  Edits made to one will not affect the other.


Report Attachments

Mold, radon, termite, wind mitigation, and other report PDFs are often attached to Spectora inspections as attachments.  Now they can appear in the Reports section where they belong!

Just check the box when adding an attachment, and you and your clients will see it in the Reports section on the inspection details:

And in the report sidebar:

Add attachment as a report


Placeholder inspections

Sometimes you get a call for an inspection but the date isn’t nailed down yet.  Sometimes you hear from an agent that an already-scheduled inspection needs to be postponed until they get the utilities on or until they can coordinate a time with another party.

You still want the inspection details in the system, but you don’t want it blocking someone else from scheduling that time in the Online Scheduler.

Now you can create inspections without an inspector, which allow for all these scenarios!  When booking an inspection, simply un-check all inspectors and schedule as normal:

For existing inspections, just delete the inspector:

The inspection will still appear in your calendar for you to update it later with a new time.:

Unassigned inspections

Don’t forget to re-add an inspector to get it on the schedule later:


We hope these tools help you do your job faster, enjoy!


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