Multi-Inspector support has arrived!

We are now able to support multi-inspector companies!  Today we’re rolling out several features that allow larger inspection companies to use our platform.

Whether you’re a one-person team ready to expand or you’re an established multi-inspector company that has been waiting to join, we’re excited to help you grow your business!

Here are some highlights:

Add Inspectors and Support Staff

We know your team is more than just great inspectors. Our new system accommodates all sorts of support staff, from office managers to proofreaders to schedulers.  You can have unlimited free support staff accounts, giving you complete flexibility to set up your business according to your needs.

Shared Resources

All inspectors in a company share report templates, allowing you to use consistent wording and vetted language.  All of our great automation features, from integrated agreements and payments to email/text reminders and follow-ups, are included for no additional cost and set up on a per-company basis.  If you’re using one of our SEO plans, your cost is the same regardless of the size of your team.

New Dashboard Features

Our dashboard for company admins now includes tabs for each inspector, as well as each inspectors’ driving route, allowing you to see where your team is and what they’re doing.

Our new calendar features daily and weekly scheduling views, allowing you to efficiently schedule your team.

Team Management

Visit to manage your team members.  Here you can add new inspectors and support staff, as well as control privileges for each.

Privilege Levels

Inspectors and support staff can be assigned a variety of privileges to accommodate your business structure:

  • Schedule? – Allows the team member to schedule inspections for the team.
  • Edit Inspections? (Support Staff only) – Allows the team member to edit inspections.
  • Publish? – Allows the team member to publish inspections.  If disabled, the inspection gets submitted for review by a company administrator.
  • Add to Template? – Allows the team member to submit comment additions to a shared company template.
  • Edit Template? – Allows the team member to use the Template Editor to create, update, and delete template comments.
  • Full Admin? – This option gives the inspector the same privileges as you

Here are a few examples of use cases for different combinations of privilege levels:

  • New Inspector – Start with all privileges disabled. As he/she learns your system for wording comments, you might add “Add to Template” privilege to allow them to augment your template.  As you gain confidence in their ability, you can let them “Publish” inspections on their own (instead of proof-reading and publishing them yourself.)  Eventually you might let them “Edit Template” as well.
  • Partner – If you have 2 or more inspectors, all equal in the business, grant all privileges.  You’ll be able to share report template, automated email templates, and business features, while all having access to everything.
  • Office Manager – Create a support staff with scheduling and admin privileges.  They can take calls, assign jobs to inspectors, and manage the business side of the company.
  • Call Center Staff – Create a support staff with scheduling privilege enabled.  They will only be able to schedule inspections, with no access to any deeper-level company functions.

Simplified Interface for Team Members

Team members will see different interfaces based on their privileges.  Your inspectors that aren’t admins, for example, will see only their schedule and calendar:

The navigation is clean and simple as well.  As you add privileges their interface adjusts accordingly.



Unlimited support staff can be added free of charge.  Each additional inspector is $59/mo or $49/mo when paid annually.  Inspector subscriptions can be mixed – some annual and some monthly to accommodate your changing business needs.

This simple flat-rate includes unlimited reports, unlimited cloud storage, integrated payments, integrated inspection agreements, automated email and text reminders and follow-ups, and our company business metrics – everything you need to run your business!

We want to hear your feedback

Let us know what you think of these features – we want to continue improving our platform and we can only do it when we hear from you.  Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like, and tell us what else you’d like to see.

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