Template sharing, publishing attachments, and more email placeholders

We have several exciting new features for you this week!

Template Sharing

Want to share your template with a friend?  Want to sell your template to others?  Now we have any easy way to do so.

Click the “share” icon in the template editor:

Enter the email address of the inspector you wish to share the template with:

That’s it!  Your recipient will see the new template in their Template Editor.

Use this feature to share ideas and build up the Spectora community!  Or use it to sell the templates you’ve worked hard on (use a 3rd-party platform for collecting payment.)  Our Facebook Spectora User Group is a great place to discuss template sharing.

Publishing Attachments

Sometimes you’re doing an inspection that only consists of an attachment, like a radon report.  Now you can publish these inspections and trigger your normal inspection completion process (like the Report Ready email and follow-up emails/texts):


Subject Placeholders

You can now add placeholders into your templated email subject lines, allowing even more email customization:


Email Header/Footer Placeholders

Now you can input placeholders to auto-fill for the inspector on the job (great for multi-inspector companies):

When the email gets created you’ll see this:

We’ll continue adding features every week to make Spectora the best home inspection platform out there!  Let us know if you have a suggestion at info@spectora.com.


One thought on “Template sharing, publishing attachments, and more email placeholders

  1. Nathan Normandeau says:

    Hey guys I’m so excited to see the progress every week!

    Is there a way yet to import my template from Home Inspector Pro for when I switch over?

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