New Time-Saving Features

We’re all about saving you time!  We’ve rolled some new features designed to make your report writing even faster.  Read all about how the faster report software in the industry just got even faster with quick-editing, a faster report writer, and a faster template editor:


Report Quick Edits

Another by-request feature from our Facebook User Group, the Report Quick Edit allows you to quickly edit a comment’s name and text in the report itself.

Edit comments inside the report

Just hover over any comment to reveal the button.  Press it for a popup editor:

Popup editor

We hope this speeds up your proofreading process significantly!

Faster Template Editor and Report Editor

We’ve upgraded the plugin we use for text editing.  The old one was slowing down the Template Editor and Report Writer page load speeds (especially for those of you with large templates!)  The new plugin has reduced page load times, allowing you get your reports and template edits done faster.

The new text editor is also more streamlined – we removed options that were mostly unused, like block quotes, indents, special characters, tables, and font choices.  This will make for a cleaner UI, a more consistent report appearance and better report presentation.

If you have done a lot of custom styling, it will be preserved.  However, you may not have the same options going forward.  Let us know if you’d like us to filter out certain styling from all your comments so that it will be consistent – we’re happy to do so.


We hope these features add even more time back into your day.  The best things we hear from our users are comments like “Now I get to spend an extra couple hours with my kids every night.” or “I’m now able to do double the number of inspections compared to last year.”  Let us know how our platform is helping you – you might get featured on our home page!

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